All About Innovation

The Lifeblood of our Business

Innovation continues to be our lifeblood and we’re thinking about it more broadly than ever before, from creating superior product experiences that delight you, to expanding into new categories and channels, to tapping the latest technology to better understand and deliver what you want, when you want it.

Delighting You Every Day

Whether you’re using Clorox? bleach, Kingsford? charcoal, Fresh Step? cat litter or Renew Life? products targeting digestive wellness, a commitment to quality, safety and efficacy goes into everything we do. Feedback suggests we’re on the right track. According to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, Clorox is consistently ranked among the top of our competitor group in personal care and cleaning products. This index, based on an economic model from the University of Michigan, measures the quality of our products as experienced by consumers and retail customers. Nearly 80 percent of our global brands rank as the No. 1 or No. 2 market-share leaders in their respective categories, further underscoring the value of our brands. In recent years, we’ve made significant investments to support innovation for the long term. We’ve established a consumer learning center to help us pay attention to what you tell us you want in a product as well as observe your pain points to identify unarticulated needs. Our innovation center encourages collaboration across multiple areas of our business involved in the discovery, development and commercialization of new products, with a focus on digital and eCommerce. We’ve also established relationships with organizations such as research boards, venture capital groups and investment firms, which expose us to early-stage innovations that can inspire new ideas and further improve our speed to market. And we’ve developed pilot plants to test our product manufacturing processes. Initiatives spearheaded by employees have also generated creative ideas across our company. Innovent, our internal ideas contest, allows anyone to be an “intrapreneur.” And employee resource groups — one of our original sources of business ideas grounded in cultural and multigenerational insights — continue to contribute to our innovation pipeline.

Read about some of our recent innovations:

  • Feature:  Innovation Scentiva

    Satisfying Scent Seekers

    Clorox? Scentiva? cleaners

    Clorox Scentiva cleaners provide reliable Clorox clean with delightful, immersive scents. The line launched with disinfecting wipes and spray in two Clorox Scentiva aromas. Since then, it’s added a third fragrance and brought Scentiva scents and Clorox clean to even more corners of your home with targeted bathroom cleaners and a disinfecting wet mopping cloth whose aroma is as delightful as its performance. Clorox website

  • Innovating on a Classic

    Clorox? Bleach with CLOROMAX?

    Clorox Bleach with CLOROMAX makes it easier to clean hard surfaces and improves the whitening performance of bleach in laundry through patent-protected polyelectrolyte complexes (also known as PECs). PECs stick to hard surfaces, creating an invisible, protective layer, so things like grease can’t stick to them. In laundry, PECs help detergent brighteners adhere to fabric so clothes come out whiter than ever. Clorox website

    Feature:  Innovation Clorox Cloromax
  • Feature: Innovation Burt's Bees Beauty

    Beauty and the Bees

    Burt’s Bees? Beauty Color Cosmetics

    Burt’s Bees Beauty line of color cosmetics features eight high-performance products — liquid and powder foundations, blush, mascara, glossy lipstick, brow pencil, eye shadow and liner — each in a range of shades. Meeting the brand’s high quality and safety standards, they’re made with natural ingredients and without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, silicones, talc and synthetic fragrances. Burt’s Bees website

  • For the Love of Cats

    Fresh Step? Clean Paws?

    Fresh Step Clean Paws Triple Action and Fresh Step Clean Paws Multi-Cat with the power of Febreze litter gives cats cleaner and more comfortable paws. A special blend of low-dust larger litter particles is designed to stick less to cat’s fur and paws, reducing unwelcome tracking across floors. Fresh Step website

    Promo: Innovation Fresh Step Clean Paws
  • Feature:  Innovation Glad RTE Classic Ranch

    Laying the Love on Thick

    Hidden Valley? Ranch Dip

    Hidden Valley Ranch knows that more ranch lovers use ranch as a dip or flavor enhancer than as a dressing, so it’s made it easier than ever to lay on the ranch love. You can find the first ever Hidden Valley Ranch ready-to-eat dip in the dressing aisle. Because we all know, you either love Hidden Valley Ranch or you really love it. Hidden Valley website

  • Wellness from Within

    Renew Life? Probiotics and Prebiotics

    Renew Life is the first brand to make a line of non-GMO certified probiotic + organic prebiotic formulas. We’ve also developed a new line of probiotics for every stage of a child’s development, from prenatal to baby to kids. Renew Life website

    Promo: Innovation Renew Life
  • Promo: Innovation NeoCell

    The Beauty of Collagen

    NeoCell? Collagen Protein Peptides

    NeoCell Collagen Protein Peptides combine collagen with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and amla fruit extract to nourish your core by promoting healthy collagen uptake and skin hydration. In addition to all these beneficial new ingredients, it also delivers more collagen per serving than our Super Collagen. Neocell website

  • Superior Strength

    Glad? ForceFlex? bags

    The new Glad ForceFlex Plus? Advanced Protection is our best trash bag ever, building on a history of innovating to make stronger trash bags. The technology in these bags prevents leaks, rips and tears, all with the power of Febreze and 3-in-1 OdorShield? to trap, lock and neutralize odors. Glad website

    Promo: Innovation Glad ForceFlex
  • Promo: Innovation Brita Stream

    The Future of Hydration Is Here

    Brita? Stream and Brita? Premium Filtering Water Bottles

    The Brita Stream is our first pitcher to filter water as you pour. That means no more waiting for the reservoir to empty —?you’ve got filtered water from the moment you turn off the tap. And for people on-the-go and avoiding single-use plastic, there’s the Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle. This groundbreaking bottle provides great-tasting water anywhere, without the waste. It’s good for you and the planet. Brita website

  • Greening Your Grill

    Kingsford? 100% Natural Hardwood Briquets

    Kingsford 100% Natural Hardwood Briquets are made from all-natural, premium hardwood. They give grillers interested in natural options authentic hardwood flavor with better consistency and control than lump briquets. Kingsford website

    Promo: Innovation Kingsford Hardwood

Marketing Our Products Responsibly

With today’s always-on world providing 24/7 access to information, we recognize you want personalization and authenticity when it comes to interactions with our brands. And you want us to be there when you need us. That’s why we’ve been increasing our investment in digital marketing so that we can master the latest digital tools to engage you with the right message at the right time and in the right context. At the same time, we remain committed to providing that information to you in a responsible and truthful manner, adhering to all laws and guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission and other relevant governing bodies. That means communicating the benefits, performance and attributes of our products accurately and directly, with claims that are substantiated. It’s also our policy to create and purchase advertising so we reach our target audiences with maximum efficiency, using advertisements and media that are consistent with the character and values of our company, while upholding relevant local laws and consumer privacy guidelines like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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